Transcript from HouseSmarts, Lou Manfredini’s Interview Of The NeverMeasure Team at the Ace Dealer Convention.

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Lou Manfredini: Welcome back, broadcasting live from the Ace Hardware fall convention sponsored by Wet & Forget, easy cleaning solutions for everyday problems and sponsored by NeverMeasure, the one tool that will center space and level anything you need to hang. 312-981-7200 is our phone number. We will be here until 10 o’clock talking with a bunch of people and some of the new products that you will find at your local Ace Hardware store and even some that you currently don’t find at an Ace Hardware store, but maybe when we get done talking today that will change. Joining me up on the stage is Chuck Miller and Brian Blasey, partners and co-owners of the company NeverMeasure, nice to have you gentlemen here this morning.
Chuck Miller: It’s great to be here.
Lou Manfredini: the three of us met a few months ago, right when you guys launched this product to talk a little bit and let’s describe to the listening audience what it is you created and why it’s something that people really enjoy using.
Chuck Miller: So yeah. NeverMeasure was a product that was developed out of the frustration of the blind hanging features on a lot of today’s artwork. So, you know, the two hangers on the back of the picture that you can’t see from the front? So from that frustration we developed NeverMeasure, it works by extendable arms that allow you to exactly put them in the location of where your fasteners need to be and those are locked into place. You can easily go up to your wall and they have an integrated level you mark those and now you have an exact location of where your fasteners need to be without actually measuring.
Lou Manfredini: So Brian, to describe it to the listening audience that can’t see it. It’s almost like a slide ruler.
Brian Blasey: Yeah, similar to a slide ruler.
Lou Manfredini: But it doesn’t have any it actually doesn’t have any measurements on it.
Brian Blasey: It has some digits on it and they’re just kind of a reference, so it’s not like 3/8th or 7/8th or anything like that.
Lou Manfredini: Right? You’ve got something like a piece of wall art that has those little keyhole inserts on the back to hang it and it can be very difficult to locate those figure out exactly where to put the screws of the nails on the walls this item that you guys created expands perfectly to where you want to put this then you’ve got a little level on it as well right, that I can transfer onto the wall and say this is where I want to hang this. One of you had like some giant elephant you needed to hang right? That was the that was the reason why this whole thing came to be.
Chuck Miller: Yes that was myself. I had that ceramic elephant at I was trying to hang, my wall still bears the scars from that experience.
Lou Manfredini: The idea behind it is that now you can really sort of take advantage of putting the stuff on the wall with confidence, knowing that where you put the marks when you use the tool, you’re going to it hang there will be perfectly set.
Brian Blasey: It should be correct the first time so you don’t have to move things around.
Lou Manfredini: Okay,
Chuck Miller: Or multiple holes in your wall.
Lou Manfredini:
Or multiple holes in your wall, it a comes in a couple different sizes, right, depending on the type of things.
Chuck Miller: Things come in different sizes, the standard one goes out to 18 inches in the large ones go out to 36 inches.
Lou Manfredini: Now this has great application for the average homeowner, but I think it also has a great application for a professional.
Chuck Miller: So we’ve been very surprising with the professionals that have been interested in it not so much that they can’t use a tape measure or do it conventionally, but the amount of time it saves. Anywhere from handymen to professional stagers that are looking to do things quickly. It really does help there.
Lou Manfredini: Yeah, I mean that that to me if I was somebody that had to hang a series of pictures at someone’s house like an interior decorator and you’ve got a lot of people that do that kind of work where they’re in there for their clients hanging this kind of stuff. It makes that a breeze.
Brian Blasey: We have an example, we sold to a gentleman at a trade show and got a phone call a couple days later, it turns out he was a handyman who had a project hanging pictures in a hotel and he wanted three more of them for all his guys because it was saving him so much time.
Lou Manfredini: When I first met you guys, I remember looking at it and I’m like, huh, you know, I’m a guy that knows what half of twenty nine and five eighths is and I think most people can do that on their phone as well, and I’ve never had a problem reading the tape measure. But even then when you think you know, everything you go to hang something and you are like oh wait, I was an inch off ? I mean, it just happens you transfer it to the wall and with what you thought was sixteen and a half you put fifteen and a half and then you make the hole and you hang it in like well, that’s not right and this really eliminates that whole situation.
Brian Blasey: Yes, you can’t do that.
Lou Manfredini: That’s cool. Where do you guys make this thing?
Brian Blasey: The parts are all sourced out of either Wisconsin or Illinois.
Lou Manfredini: Nice.
Brian Blasey: The assembly area is in Lake Zurich, Illinois,
Lou Manfredini: Very nice. And I know that you mentioned both you guys are either both of you or one of you are veterans and so you’re creating some opportunities.
Chuck Miller: I’m the veteran but I did serve in both the Army National Guard and Navy, so that’s covered both of us.
Lou Manfredini: Got it. Well, that’s awesome, you can purchase NeverMeasure at and then currently you have one retail site that is carrying it.
Brian Blasey: Correct, we are currently on the shelf at Berlands House of Tools.
Lou Manfredini: Hopefully when we’re done, we’ll find some ACE buyer to come in here and make a cut you a big deal.
Brian Blasey: That would be awesome.
Lou Manfredini: Thank you so much both of you Chuck and Brian partners and co-owners of NeverMeasure check it out. If you need to hang anything on your wall, whether you’re a professional or a serious DIY’er go to
You’re listening to Lou Manfredini on HouseSmarts radio on 720 WGN.
We’ll be right back.


NeverMeasure – Standard

This is the standard version of the NeverMeasure Picture Hanging Tool. The body size is 9.5 inches and arms that extend to approx. 18 inches. Integrated levels for horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree alignment allows for multiple orientations.


NeverMeasure – Large

This is the large version of the NeverMeasure Picture Hanging Tool. The body size is 18″ and arms that extend to 36″. Integrated horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree levels allows use in multiple orientations.


NeverMeasure Set

This set includes both the standard (approx. 18 inch) and large (36 inch) versions of the NeverMeasure Picture Hanging Tool. Integrated horizontal, vertical, and 45 degree levels allows use in multiple orientations.